Cleaning out my old bedroom at my grandparents’ house, found these ol’ faves!! All from different eras of my life, none any less awesome than the other.

The two oldest (from my youths) are Action Girl: an anthology from the ’90s edited by Sara Dyer, which was composed mostly of female and some genderqueer cartoonists, and aimed at youger girls. And Blue Monday: an Archie-meets-early-90s-ska-and-punk-rock comic series by Chynna Clugston, which started out as a short in some of the later Action Girls (there were about 20 issues of it over the course of something like 6 years)

Above: Chynna Clugston’s Blue Monday in Action Girl #15

I think I got Short Order either from my Pa when I was about 16, or from Picture Box at MoCCA when I was 18 or 19. Seriously can’t remember. Anyway, It’s an anthology from the 70s edited by Bill Griffith, that brags, “no story over 8 pages!” and features the work of Art Spiegelman, Jay Kinney, Diane noomin, Rory Hayes, George Kuchar, and more. This antho + Action girl = my primary inspirations for Happiness (!!! TRUE DAT!!!) 

Above: The 70s is alive in Jay Kinney’s contribution to Short Order #2

James Kochalka’s Magic boy and the word of God wasn’t such a huge influence on me, but I thought the cover ruled (I mean, come on, he just pasted a photograph of himself onto some painted cardboard), the title was funny, and I was really into the fact that he signed the comic as “James Kochalka SUPERSTAR”. hahaha, oh young (and kind of sexy) James.

Then, finally, Jesse Moynihan’s The Backwards folding Mirror I got my sophomore year of college, at my very first MoCCA fest (2008 maybe?)

This comic blew my mind. Actually, the first MoCCA I went to blew my mind. This was before I knew blogs devoted to comics existed, so the comics I bought and the cartoonists I met at this MoCCA made me pee myself … Aside from the post-Fort Thunder cartooning happenings of Providence (where I lived at the time), I had actually thought that there was no accessible comics scene going on in the US…. Hellza thankful that I was wrong!!

- Leah

I’m now contributing to the new comics blog started by Frank Santoro (with more than a handful of contributing cartoonists) that focuses on dialogue and proces - comicsworkbook! Follow it if you like comics, duh!!

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